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Lead Generation

Exclusive. Full Contact Info. Real Buyers and Sellers

Leads funnel in direct to you. You will have Weekly reports breaking down reach, impressions and performance

We set-up and create a custom Lead system that reaches homeowners and buyers in your markets

We run proven and tested Lead Campaigns in your market. 

We run campaigns for

 Buyers and Sellers 

How it Works

We are your turn-key solution for lead generation through facebook. We have tested thousands of ads and found which ones perform best and yield solid leads.

We know you are busy selling homes, so we created this system that puts a proven lead campaign on autopilot. We know it works, that's why we guarantee a minimum amount of leads per month and do not require you be locked into a long contract. It's Month-to-Month.

We give you an easy to use dashboard where you can manage all your leads. It will integrate with most CRMs and you always get fast Email and Text notifications. If you are tech savvy, we also give you free access to a landing page builder, facebook ad templates and much more!

This is the system Agents have been waiting for

About AgentZip

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Leads and Integrations


Each Lead is Texted to you with the lead details

Each lead is also Emailed to you with full details.

Our system integrates with almost every single CRM out there! 

Call us at 415-779-0344

Lead CRM & Dashboard

Powered By

Dedicated Support Team

If you aren't Tech Savvy, that is ok. We have a dedicated team of experts that can hold your hand through the process. If you know how to use email and browse websites, we can walk you through anything that you need help with

Simple Set up Process

Our Team will reach out to you and set up your Dashboard, CRM and Lead System The process takes about 15 Minutes

Close Deals

Leads are delivered to you via Text and Email around the clock. 

You can manage and check up on your leads at anytime through your Dashboard.

Each time a lead comes in, they will be put on a drip + autoresponder that nurtures them. You call each client and start working them & sell homes

Lead Delivery

Account Set Up

Call us at 415-779-0344

"AgentZip Provides Exclusive Leads from REAL PEOPLE who are looking to Buy or Sell a home. Call or Text them Right Away for the best results"

Pricing Per Market

Average is 40-100 leads per month depending on market and population. Refunds are pro-rated, but they rarely occur as 20 minimum leads is consistently exceeded. 

Billed Monthly - No Contract

$499 per Location

Want Multiple Spots or Markets? Call us at 415-779-0344

  • 20 Leads Min. Guaranteed per spot


  • CRM + Dashboard
  • Email & Text Notifications System
  • Email & Text Drips
  • Landing Page Deployer
  • Dedicated Support Manager

One-Set Up Fee


  1. CRM and Text + Email Set Up
  2. Lifetime Access to CRM and Dashboard
  3. Lifetime Access to Ads & Landing Pages
  4. Lifetime Access to instant text & email notifications if you run your own ads

includes AD-Spend

More Testimonials

In 2 weeks over 150 Leads. Name, Email, Address and phone number. As of today I have 4 buyer's pre-approved shopping homes & ready to pull the trigger. And 3 sellers ready to bring to market. Also 50 more people added to my database who ASKED me to be added. I think it's a great success!

Megan Farrell - Florida

Over 100 buyer Leads in about 2 weeks. From these leads we pre-approved 8 of them and are showing 6 buyers. I targeted Northridge, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Westlake Village and Woodland Hills.

For the month of November, I tested this company out. I started on November 16th and since then have received leads. They create a facebook business page for you and create the ads and landing pages that bring you the leads. It's been a great discovery for me and it's even cooler because two LCA members created this - Juan Gabriel Molina and David Albanese.

It's not that I don't know how to do it, it's that they save me time. I love the fact that you can see how many leads you get on each day on a Calendar

-Tristan Ahumada,

Keller Williams and Founder of Lab Coat Agents

Dave Kaushagen, Homesmart Realty West

I got over 200 leads in 19 days...weeded out the bogus info and still at 174 leads...58% have valid email 1 guy looking to buy around $400k...couple others that I'm slowly converting/coaching. Only stopped cause I had oral surgery and knocked me out a couple weeks but bout to start a new campaign tomorrow.

Still on the Fence?

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30 Day Trial - $100 off First Month 


Try our Service for 30 days. Cancel Anytime.

One-Time Set Up Fee Required. If you cancel, keep the CRM, Dashboard, Landing Page Builder and Facebook Ad Templates


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